Amid the Noise and Haste

SOJA "Amid the Noise and Haste"

Release Date: 08/12/2014

  1. Tear It Down
  2. Your Song (feat. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley)
  3. I Believe (feat. Michael Franti & Nahko)
  4. Easier (feat. Anuhea & J Boog)
  5. Shadow (feat. Trevor Young)
  6. Once Upon a Time
  7. Promises and Pills (feat. Alfred The MC)
  8. Signature
  9. She Still Loves Me (feat. Collie Buddz)
  10. Wait
  11. Better
  12. Treading Water
  13. Lucid Dreams (feat. Nahko)
  14. Driving Faster (feat. Bobby Lee)
  15. Talking To Myself
  16. Translation of One
  17. Like It Used To (feat. Mala Rodríguez)


1. Tear It Down

Written by Jacob Hemphill

the situation isn’t what it was,
and it’s never gonna be it again.
cuz we got nothing prepared for what is coming up
when the dollar is the focus of men, and you know
all the solutions we don’t talk about
cause we’d rather talk about ourselves right now
and if WE are what’s killing US
we take the form of the storm up ahead, now follow me
I’ve seen the water rising,
it’s rising all around
and I’ve seen those roots, they’re ripping
and they rip out from the ground
and I’ve seen this world is changing
and it’s right in front of our face
there’s something happening here,
in this little human race –

it’s coming coming coming on down, down
the waters literally rise now
it’s coming and it’s coming on down, down
and the (heat) index rise every time around
it’s coming, it’s coming on down, down
and we can tear every little thing down
and we will, just look around
and you can watch us tear it down

the situation’s coming down to this: what
matters to us all in the end? And you know
total destruction is on the horizon, if you are
standing on the out looking in.
and our congress and president never ever mention it,
can’t even figure out same sex marriages
while we kill each other every day
and while we kill our earth in every way, it’s coming down.

We’ve got this love inside us
and we’ve got this hatred too
We’ve got this battle raging,
and we’ve let the soldiers loose
We sit and watch and wonder
possible outcomes
will what we NEED deep inside
become what we WANT before it’s

Coming coming coming on down, down
the waters literally rise now
it’s coming and it’s coming on down, down
and the (heat) index rise every time around
it’s coming, it’s coming on down, down
and we can tear every little thing down
and we will, just look around
and you can watch us tear it down, down, down now
tear it right down to the ground
we gonna tear it down, down, down now
tear it right down to the ground

2. Your Song ft. Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley

Written by Jacob Hemphill and Damian Marley

what a big world, and I’m glad to be in it
we got a purpose and I’m starting to get it,
and I won’t stop until I’m gone,
and I won’t change what I’m doing till I’m done
I’ve got time, and a plan to go with it-
forget about the money, cuz I don’t get it
and I know I’ll come again
yeah, I know, but until then…

if you see me forgetting, forget who I am
just try to remind me
and put up yours hands, in the stands
if you see me crying, if you see me alone
just try to stay by me, and keep singing along

I appreciate the chance at living,
I realize that’s it’s all about giving
I will stand in the sunshine
cause I know that the sun is not mine
I’m tied in to the dirt in the land
the wind in the trees and the waves in the sand
and I know I’ll come again
yeah, I know but until then….


Damian Marley Verse:
so if I slip, get lost upon a trip
and if I lose a grip on reality
beg you do not make me drift
it’s not as if because I have a gift
don’t mean I could not take some good advice
and you say brother take a tip
like maybe this-
one too many spliffs, one too many sips,
not enough sleep, and too much meal a skip
sometimes to escape, everyone needs a lift
don’t watch no face


3. I Believe

Written by Jacob Hemphill, Michael Franti and Nahko

Chorus 1:
I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe-
no matter what you do
I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe-
It will all come back to you.

Stand up and find your own way,
or sit down and wait for your turn
Follow your vision blindly,
or just become the vision of someone
Remove the shackles right now,
you never really fit into ‘em at all
or keep running with that metal
on your feet until you fall.

Chorus 2:
Everything that you SAY
becomes the things that you DO
remember what you put out there is building you-
remember everything is everything

(Chorus 1)

Nahko Verse:
I kinda been struggling
the fire on my tongue’s been challenging
but even the wise ones be stumbling,
so, pick your heart up here and walk tall
Bright-eyed deliverance,
everything you say’s significant
So speak your truth, be spirited
you’re beautiful and bold, so carry on

(Chorus 2)

Michael Franti Verse:
Everything is everything, every single day,
remember this in everything you do and everything you say:
everything you eat, and all the people that you meet;
There is life, there is light, that’s reflected back on me
I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe-
no matter what you do
I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe-
it will all come back to you.

Turn your speakers down,
and listen to the silence down below-
that’s the messenger, and that’s
the only one who really knows
Turn my music down,
yeah cuz it’s your turn now
well it’s your turn now
it’s your turn right now

(Chorus 2)

4. Easier ft. Anuhea and J Boog

Written by Jacob Hemphill, Anuhea, and J Boog

It’s never been a problem for me,
it’s what I always wanted it seems.
It’s almost predetermined to be,
I’m always in between
It’s like I always knew that I would,
but never really perfectly could.
I was waiting for the right thing to come,
but never really know

Chorus 1:
That it’s much easier, that it’s much easier
it’s much more easier, when you don’t lie
I mean it’s easier, It’s much more easier
it’s easier, when you don’t try

Anuhea Verse:
It’s in the summer breeze , it’s the wind that blows
it’s in the innocent, it’s in the criminals
It’s in the real roots, it’s in the real vibes
we get it down low, only to take it so high
It’s in the sky above and even in the trees
and it’s inside of you, and it’s inside of me
It’s in the weed we smoke, I see it in the clouds
and the only one that we get is here right now


J Boog Verse:
Never really wanted to get a job that didn’t benefit us to thrive
work for nothing, bills stack up cover up my side
I don’t qualify for your so-called regular life,
wish you could see what we see
and break out that single file line
So we blaze it for all of my people who feel under-appreciated
just live your life how you please even if them nah rate it
and don’t mistake it, don’t even fake it
SOJA+Anuhea+J Boog- yes we gonna to make it, make it


5. Shadow ft Trevor Young (SOJA)

Written by Trevor Young and Jacob Hemphill

Chorus (Trevor Young):
I’m not a shadow
I’m not the ground beneath your feet
I’m not a shadow
And when you look down you won’t see me
I stand up and I stand tall
I don’t follow anyone
I’m not a shadow
cause I’m not a shadow, oh no no

Here’s to you who don’t settle, and never separate
and never be quiet, cuz the words you say,
you’ll never go back on, and never turn around
Never judge another cuz how stupid it sounds
cause when you see others, knowing they’re all brothers,
knowing they’re all sisters, seeing the big picture –
If they’re not with us, then they’re against, and
we’re here now when they are way back when, so
why try to please everyone
when it seems all that people really want is
to show love out and to get love back,
is to show some faith and to get respect
just look at the world, then you look at the problems
and look at the hatred, and we still can’t solve it
So look inside, and you’ll find step one
forget a diamond, I’m shining like the sun


Here’s to you on your own, the innocent criminal
You never fit the mold, you never go sit down
You never go get approval, no matter how you prove
that love is the motive in everything you do
And revolution is you, and you’re against the machine
You know who you are, and you know what I mean
and when this record stops you will never slow down
When the video is over, you want your turn now
So you make your truth and move straight ahead,
while the followers behind you get left for dead,
and for the imminent brain washing, follow the dumb rules
created by individuals who, unlike you
don’t care for the world or care for the people
They love it their way, and they love unequal,
and they love when they feel above someone –
I don’t follow the leader when they’re all wrong


6. Once Upon A Time

Written by Jacob Hemphill

I told her “let’s take it slow,” she heard “forever” instead
I said that “this is a start” and she heard the same thing again
So I didn’t say one word, but what she heard in her head
is all that she wanted to hear ….damn
I tried to tell her before, the words they came out too late
and then she went for the door, and I didn’t stand in her way
“Don’t ever call me no more…” I think she really meant to say:

“Call me, never let me go” and I said “I told you so,
there’s no chance, no I will never ever change,
Cause I’m still in love with yesterday”

“Call me, never let me go” and I said “I told you so,
there’s no chance, no I will never ever change,
Cause I’m still in love with yesterday”

It’s the same old story, the story goes:
“Once upon a time, in a land far way,
there was a princess alone, alone in need of a king,
And then he rides into town and then she gets carried away”
Yeah, she got “carried away…”
I think she wants to hear me say:

“Call me, never let me go”

7. Promises and Pills ft. Alfred the MC

Written by Jacob Hemphill and Alfred the MC

Alfred the MC Verse 1:
In war, combat is so heavily prepared for
Returning home is something no one is really there for
Half the team is gone, and the half that makes it home
they gotta deal with the terrorism, in their skull
But there’s a cure the government likes to hit them with
prescribing promises and pills,
but the side effects is no sleep, no peace
looking for reasons for living as the war moves on
America. The System.

Reintegrate me, you made me a killer
Like you could trade me for everything I’ve lost
And look how you made me make me
think about me taking my own life
when I remember what went down

And you say that I’m the reason for the freedom of this land
So I land in their back yard, I’ve got your rifle in my hand, and
They defend themselves, you know of course I do the same, so
we go kill each other while you go about your day


And I don’t sleep at night and I will never be the same
And my wife is terrified by these details I can’t explain
And my soul is beat to shit and half my friends are dead and gone.
For all these fucking games you play, we pay the price with our own blood


Alfred the MC Verse 2:
Put a warrior in hell, now he’s finally back
With images in his brain of every damn attack
Every bomb, every friend that’s never coming home
Every innocent life taken, for reasons unknown
Then we abandon them, the same ones that did all the killing
We no longer deal with them, just their spouses and children
And the memories in their head from every damn mission
and the war moves on
America. The System.


8. Signature

Written by Jacob Hemphill

We deserve more than lies and illusions,
way more than what we’re getting
We don’t remember what life is for
We believe in the wrong complications,
your ties all stop at nations
When we could be so much more, so much more

Let it out and if it’s true, it will flow out of you
It’s like a river in your mind
Because the truth will never fall
it’s been around before us all
and it’s like a signature on your mind

We’re the first, we’re the generation
We are the ones to be one, this nation starts with us
it doesn’t end when the water does
And we can see it when we think more clearly
and keep calm and you keep listening
or we could find ourselves past the point of no return


So get going with the new thought process:
remember birth and give away the numbness
Mankind was built on conquest,
NOW’S the time that you give away the unrest
Unless we can undress all of the past concepts
and practice a little oneness,
our future generations are just suspect,
subject to our bullshit


9. She Still Loves Me ft. Collie Buddz

Written by Jacob Hemphill

I know it’s hard, now for you to see –
you can’t change how it was, or how it’s gonna be –
I’m what she wants, you’re just what she needs.
She still loves me, she still loves me

Where is her sweater?
(this next part should be written vertically like a list)
– It’s not in her car
– It’s not at her friend’s house
– It’s not at the bar
I think you’d better think with your heart
take a look at yourself, and see how lucky you really are
But I don’t believe in luck after all,
neither does she, but you know that now.
You should forget her, cuz I’ve got her heart,
but she hates the way that I tear it apart.


Collie Buddz Verse:
You need to focus on what really really matters and
how she’s feeling when she’s crying over you again
And every single time you break a girl’s heart in two,
there is a little less of it when it comes back to you
And one day, she’ll pack all of her things and go,
and down the line she finds herself at a Collie show,
and even though she maybe thinks of you from time to time,
just know that, that girl is mine


What does she talk about when her father calls
she says what you say,
she tells her old man that you’re the one
But what does she talk about when her mother calls,
you don’t come up, you don’t come up at all


10. Wait

Written by Jacob Hemphill

You know I never said goodbye to you
I just shut up and walked away
You know I’m running from what’s hard to do and
I’m letting you know that nothing’s changed.
I think I’ll never change the road I’m on,
all I’m changing up is the town that I’m in and sometimes
I’m not into who I’ve become, and
that “sometime” is now, oh,

Wait… Wait
Don’t let it go like it’s gone before,
and please stay… Stay
Don’t make me show up at your door

I’m feeling I’m drowning and loving every minute in it,
like I’m tripping every second that I’m in the minute
Baby, we’re stupid we kill each other for love, love,
running in circles, we can never get enough us
You hear me calling and you start to turn around
You see me running and you start to slow down
Baby, slow down, turn around
and wait for me to walk away again, now

Oh wait, come on, wait
Don’t let it go like it’s gone before
and please please stay with me, stay
Don’t make me show up, show up at your door

I never said never said goodbye to you, I
shut up and walked all away
I’m running from what’s hard to do and
letting you know that nothing’s changed, nothing ever changed.
I think I’ll never change the road I’m on
All I’m changing up is the town that I’m in and sometimes
I’m not into who I’ve become,
and that “sometime” is now… but, oh,

Wait…. Come on wait, wait.
Don’t let it go like it’s gone before
and please stay with me, stay
Don’t make me show up at your door, oh,

Wait, you know I never said goodbye to you
don’t let it go like it’s gone before
Please please stay
you know I’m running from what’s hard to do
please don’t make me show up at your door.

11. Better

Written by Jacob Hemphill

True, we know we far away from us
Two, we know we far away from one, and…

If I can’t make it better and you can’t make it better
then what are we to do?
Spend our lives in limbo?
wondering if what I wrote is ever coming true? True?

Cause we spent our days together,
as if before were never, like
ever days at all… and now… and now…
and you said I’d be the one,
the one who got away from, from you,
you knew it all… it all… well…


Tell me where did we go wrong? Tell me how it’s been so long?
And tell me where does “it” go? And tell me where does “it” go now?
And tell me is “it” still right there? And tell me has “it” disappeared?
And tell me how do I know? I know… well…


Oh angels high up above, come fill us now with your love,
we don’t know what to do, we don’t know what to do
And we speak right now in silence over a million miles of distance
like 1,000 years removed and we don’t know what to do


Wondering, and keep coming back,
a little phone call, a little weakness becomes a broken heart,
and then the tears fall down your face
and you turn away from your computer screen
but it won’t stop, and it won’t change
until we walk away, until we walk away,
hey, angels up there help us now
we’re running ourselves down and out,
and we don’t know what to
don’t know what to do at all, at all…

Two, we know we far away from one,
Baby, we’re so far away…

12. Treading Water

Written by Jacob Hemphill

I’ve been waiting for your conscience to call
and maybe hear your little voice on the phone
And now I’m treading water, it’s getting harder –
the ocean’s much bigger than me
And now I need it more than ever before
and I’m just knocking in my head on your door
And you know I still feel it, and I still need it
this bottle’s full now…

Sitting here, waiting on you goddamn it
Packing up a hotel room I planned it
different in my head when I thought of love
I’m looking at the shimmering stars above,
and every one reminds me of you
and everything that we been through
damn- everything’s coming back to me tonight

I’ve been running in a circle for days
and you know me it’s never ever going away
But then you keep me waiting
I won’t change it for any other girl in the world
And I could but every time I think it’s the end,
you show up, fucking everything in my head
And then I’m treading water, I’m falling faster
this bottles empty…


13. Lucid Dreams ft. Nahko

Written by Jacob Hemphill and Nahko

every time I close my eyes
I find myself in the corners of my mind
and I’m in there, yeah, somewhere
under the covers I can feel it it’s pulling me
no one can know where my mind goes
my dreams, more real than my reality
and the memory inside of me
will it be with me forever until infinity

waiting for my conscience calling
listening to hear me talking
slowing down the rate of motion
focusing inside an ocean
catching myself falling over
looking back and seeing no one
walking through this lucid dream again

Nahko Verse:
I never thought it would come to this
how did I get here and what did I miss
I’ve been trying to find the righteous man’s road
I want to remember the womb of my mother
want to understand all the love of my father
I’m so close I can feel it in my bones
my bones


now every day is only
counting the seconds and minutes
that separate me from
who I am I really am
in this body temporarily on my journey
going going gone and I can feel it
like a wrecking ball crashing through me
and I don’t make one sound when I can hear it
as the memories prove I’ve been here


Nahko Verse 2:
oh that perfect peace is within my reach
it’s a humbling process
somewhere within me is integrity
could be a Medicine/SOJA
play the music open up my heart
and a good way to healing realizing it starts with
finding all my answers within me
within me