Born In Babylon


Release Date: 09/29/2009

  1. Born In Babylon
  2. Losing My Mind
  3. Used to Matter
  4. Bleed Through (feat. Black Boo of Mambo Sauce)
  5. You and Me (feat. Chris Boomer)
  6. Don’t Forget
  7. Decide You’re Gone
  8. I Don’t Wanna Wait
  9. I Tried (feat. Gentleman and Tamika)
  10. Never Ever
  11. Waking Up
  12. Summer Breeze
  13. Thunderstorms
  14. Here I Am (feat. Rebelution)
  15. Rest of My Life (Bonus Track)


1. Born In Babylon

Written by Jacob Hemphill

I came from nothing but not
nothing like “nothing”
“Nothing,” like “nobody thought
I was something”…
“Nothing,” like “called every
name in the book,”
But for every second guess, I
Never gave a second look
Look, I tell myself “Don’t let it
get to me.” ‘Cuz if the best
they got is not impressing me,
then there’s no reason they
should get the best of me,
while they were aiming at my
words they missed the rest of me

How can I stop all these
critics from their talking
The more I do, the more they say
But there’s no way I’m stopping
so they just keep on talking,
who do you think I think I am?

I got the feeling that there’s
more like me
Born in Babylon but you just
got to be free
Shackles on your feet that
you and me can’t see, but
you can feel them and they’re
heavy, so you need that key
And now you’re looking at your
hands, saying “Man, if I ditch
the system, these could be mine.”
But then you hear a voice
come up from behind,
“Don’t even think about
stepping out of line…”

My friends are deep and they’re
all I got, and they stand up behind
me if you like it or not
And I’m telling you that the Fire’s
Hot, did you see that smoke
and did you hear that shot…
‘cuz it’s a war and in the
middle I AM
So judge now with
your pen in hand
cuz I’m too busy to
judge another man, I’m trying
to write the blueprint
for all the world to understand
They won’t stop talk, and I
regret me giving you any
little voice at all
But saving this world just
comes with a cost,…
…maybe they were right
from the start… “Maybe I should
not be myself, ‘cuz I’m just giving
these critics help…”
And it makes me twist my stomach
in half, that My Pen and His pen
are put into the same
breath. If I never tried to do
this at all, then I think he’d
be out of a job. “…and maybe
I just should’ve stayed in bed,
stay out of the booth and
put all these guitars in the closet…”
“…maybe I should go back to school,
but any more education just makes
me feel like a fool…” So I guess
I gotta let critics talk, ‘cuz

2. Losing My Mind

Written by Jacob Hemphill

There’s no pictures on the wall
there’s no rise and there’s
no fall, and in the morning,
I’m all right, alone without you.
There’s no phones and
there’s no calls
There’s no talking to you at all
And I don’t care,
late at night when it’s not you
But when I look out in the rain
I think about the past
I want it again
I think about the way you feel
inside, I start losing my mind
I’m losing my mind

There’s no formulated plans
there’s no way and there’s no chance
– it’s been too long –
and it’s all back behind me
There’s no going down that road
and I know right where it goes
If I keep walking away,
nothing reminds me

There’s no fights and there’s no tears
there’s no need if you’re not here
And I’m not the same anyway, anymore
There’s no need to write this song
‘cuz there’s no changing what’s
been done,
And there’s no changing what’s inside
And it looks like it’s gonna storm

3. Used To Matter

Written by Jacob Hemphill

See, these days it’s different,
It’s all new. The old is gone
and I am too.
Wishing I was closer to
back when it used to matter
All my coins are gone,
it’s plastic now
My iPad’s got me asking “how
could all my albums take
me down
To Back When It Used
To Matter?”

Now it seems that we
are all wrapped up so tight,
light just can’t get in
And I feel that we can’t see
and I feel, it’s not “maybe”
See, my watch is worthless,
so is my pen
And it seems nothing is
greater than
something that takes me
way back when, to
back when it used to matter
All the words I write
are on a screen,
And the friends I have
have “added” me
And there’s no record
of anything,
and now we all cease
to matter

So you die when you turn 22
but they gonna wait to bury you
‘cuz you got a 9 to 5 to do
And that’s supposed to matter
So you replace your time
in between
with other peoples’
hopes and dreams
And they live their lives on
your TV
And now you don’t even matter
I just want us to be who we’re
supposed to be and who we are
Doesn’t it seem like we’re kinda
far from the original plan
From the start Back
When It used To Matter
The one thing I can’t have
is what I want…
who decided it’s gonna
end up this way?
Who decided that you
could not stay?
You won’t be here by
the end of my day,
cuz I can’t even listen
to the words I say.
And they live their lives on
your TV
And now you don’t even matter
I just want us to be who were
supposed to be and who we are
Doesn’t it seem like we’re kinda
far from the original plan
from the start Back
When It Used To Matter

4. Bleed Through

Written by Jacob Hemphill and Black Boo

Every time I pick up a pen,
it’s all you
And there beside me
in my mirror, all I can see
is us two, the pages
turn so fast,
and like all old pages do,
the words, they bleed through

Get back in my arms, they’re
just hanging by my side
Losing hold of you has
left me dry
Tell me where you run to –
where do you hide?
You know you never once
left my mind
Tell yourself I’m sorry
for the things that I’ve done
Tell yourself you’ve never seen
the barrel of that gun
Tell yourself it’s over now
and not to run
And tell yourself I’m sorry
for what I’ve done

Listen while I’m talking,
I don’t do it too much
I can’t help feeling
that came between us
What ever happened to
the way that it was?
The one thing I can’t have
is what I want…
Who decided it’s gonna
end up this way?
Who decided that you
could not stay?
You won’t be here by
the end of my day,
‘cuz I can’t even listen
to the words I say

I swear you never really miss it till it’s half
gone and you tighten up your grip trying to
hold on didn’t really appreciate it when it’s
in your arms and you can relate to every
word in your song like was I wrong? But
I know I’m right but in hindsight, I
blame the limelight maybe I just needed
time to get my mind right maybe we’ll recon-
nect when the times right trying to think
about the causes – was I too bossy – exactly
what the cause is I was told to step in love
with some caution ‘cuz love and shit is no
difference in the darkness but love is where
the heart is and you can see the
blood as it’s dripping through the gauzes
so I guess I fell out of love with her smile
and more in love with applauses

It’s quiet in my house,
your silence is my home,
and everything reminds me
that I am all alone
It’s quiet where you used to be,
and now that you’re gone
it’s not a sound, not a word,
but a dial tone
It’s quiet when I’m drinking
It’s quiet when I smoke,
It’s … when I’m eating, oh
and I sleep all alone
It’s quiet now, it was louder
then, I stand still like a stone
Only from my dreams you won’t go

How did I get in this predicament was I
influenced by the benefits ‘cuz I was hitting
on so many chicks, loving you and leaving
you was the only sentiment but I guess I
wasn’t ready for you ‘cuz I’m rubbing your
feet, cooking spaghetti for you
taking you to parka, winning teddies for you
but in my heart I’m thinking there’s someone
better for you but my heart’s like “No, not this
again cut it out Black, you know how
this’ll end.” And I swear that I really was
listening but my _______ was yelling and my
heart was just whispering so you know who
I listened to now my heart’s bitching ‘cuz he’s
missing you got my eyes staring at some old
flicks of you and my nose swear that he still
smells the scent of you and my soul’s saying
“Damn, she was meant for you.”

Why won’t you come back
I’m losing part of myself
I’ve been wondering, watching,
waiting so long
I’ve been talking I been listening
I’ve been writing my songs
I’ve been hoping you’ve been
hearing on this radio now,
that I’m not with you

5. You and Me

Written by Jacob Hemphill with inspiration from Boomer

It’s You and Me
and it’s always been
and how I feel about you,
there’s no end.
But you made me
chase you around
And then you need me again
when you fall down.

And when this dance is done,
you and me are still
the only ones.
Yeah, since Time begun
and I’m still with you
even when you’re gone.
So I start it, and you stop it
So I want it
knowing that you’re walking

It’s you and me and we’re
back again…
Don’t introduce me to all
your “new friends,” man…
Why do you make me
chase you around?
Why do your words make me
not make a sound…

6. Don’t Forget

Written by Jacob Hemphill

It wasn’t you, it’s just the way we
Roll the dice, if these cards would fall right it wasn’t you, it’s just the timing and the place that’s wrong and something is gone, but don’t you forget about the life that we talked about you cruise and you’re forgetting: Table’s got a leg to stand on, a life to hang on, it’s you that you deceive it wasn’t you who put yourself in all these games, these never ending ways, yeah… I know it’s not you – cuz I can feel the FIRE blaze those same light rays, yeah It wasn’t you cuz no one sees themselves at all the same as anybody else and it wasn’t you cuz every little thing has changed, but I know it’s never too late we all need some legs to stand on.

7. Decide You’re Gone

Written by Jacob Hemphill

I used to think that I could go this all alone, I used to think I could do it by myself But I found another one like me walking alone, I don’t think she stands a chance with no one else but anyway I’ll be here and you’ll be there and we’ll be by the phone I’ll be sitting, watching you waiting for you to decide you’re gone. When I’m calling, if I’m calling someone else, it don’t feel the same as when I’m calling you. I mean it. And in a world I more and more can’t understand it would be hard to lose something that I do So watch the days, cuz they all turn into the night. And watch the sun cuz it turns into the moon And in a world that won’t stop turning us around At least we know who we can turn to Is it too much, Is it too far, is it too long, And Now you’re gone And I’ll be here, And you’ll be there, and you will decide that you’re gone

8. I Don’t Wanna Wait

Written by Jacob Hemphill

They say “way back when knew how” but there’s nothing telling you now just to Do your right and not your wrong, when wrong is easy and right is hard, and we’ve all got our weaknesses and only you know what yours is But your “tomorrows” are all that seem to escape from your lips… But I don’t wanna wait today for something that might never every show it’s face again. A promise that I’ve heard too much already, to me, it seems ridiculous to trust in all of your games you play. It’s 1 life, 1 world, 1 chance And I don’t wanna wait Moving forward to right now
A government that let us down
A racist leader no one trusted
An army that’s bigger than us and
A poverty on a global scale
A fragile world with fragile air and fragile water I’m sure they’’ll put off till tomorrow…
I’m skipping forward to the ending to that point all too impending, to that moment that all this steps, that one day when that bottom
drops and we remember our voices, we had our chance, and we had our choices, but TIME is a luxury WE AS A PEOPLE might not no longer afford
…. There’s not enough time…
…you know I’ve got a lot on my mind.
…I could reach the end of the line.
…no, I’m not fine…
It’s not for me, I’m done with all your games, I realize now that I don’t wanna wait

9. I Tried

Written by Jacob Hemphill and Gentleman

I can’t forget that day I got you there’s something about you, I just watched you like something I tried but I forgot to… It’s not that I want to. It’s just that I lost you Thoughts of you run over in my mind and I Try so hard to just press rewind. Something I held maybe one time and I …. All I do is think But thinking about you never brought you back, So far from you in my mind I go. But my heart hurts and brings me back before I know And all I do is think
I tried to change,
I tried to stay,
I tried to stay the same
I tried to work
I tried for her, I tried

All I know, the more that I think about it is the deeper the doubt it is unsure what this emotion promises, what kind of pain and strain it is so many times I’ve done that before, told myself that I should know more seek and Get past it, now that I lost it, there is no bridge so how can I cross I down so low in the valley of decision clouded mind disturbing my vision bleeding heart affecting my vision, compromising on this love mission and no matter how me try, still she can’t just satisfy, how could the truth be a lie water drop out of me eye cuz me see the well run dry.

Memories of you keep flashing through my mind can’t keep it up
And me can’t resign,
Desolation street and me nah see
No sign. Got to rise above, to cross borderline

10. Never Ever

Written by Jacob Hemphill

She’s looking like she might’ve felt all this before Yeah like she’s seen all of these signs
I’ll understand if she can’t do this anymore She’ll understand if I stay blind, you know because I never ever wanna look around. Out of my sight and I’ll be out of town…
She asks me “Look how could this all be so simple?”
“Simplicity is in your mind.” I will understand if she just walks right out that door, I keep my love on the inside because I never ever want to slow down I’ve got no mass and she’s got no hope now. Sometimes I wonder what is all this running for she knows the thoughts cross my mind but then I put my feet right back down on earth and this world spins one more time

11. Summer Breeze

Written by Jacob Hemphill and Paddy, Lee

You can fuel it in the summer breeze, there’s something in the lives, same kind of sunglass feeling it kinda fools like there’s something wrong, something that you’re doing, we not doing. It’s far gain.
Another way that maybe we forgot, but maybe we still need…
…what am I not remembering… cuz I can
feel it in the summer breeze, and it keeps calling me…
So I’m singing out so birds start singing again and I’m playing just so bells start ringing again… And I’m yelling, hoping I’ll start thinking again and chasing after your in-born concept I catch a flicker in the mirror cuz I’m looking for you but all I see is me but I know that’s hardly true. The T.V. lies to me red, green and blue (rgb) turn it to black and stare and I can still see you…
I try to search inside myself to find the right and the wrong But it’s so complicated; knowing what to keep anymore it’s even harder to put into words or write in a song, but for some reason I can’t move along cuz karma happens, doesn’t matter about which bible I got and I can feel it in the air whether I read it or not, So I’m continuing to search and watch this road that I walk, it’s on the tip of my tongue
So I talk
I can remember in my mind way back before my time a memory lived through my DNA line And…
I can see it in Jah signs that we could be just fine let history reveal the truth we need to find but… The memory’s are long gone forgotten truths hid from the youths through many years by Babylon So…So we sing it in this song with hopes to resurrect consciousness back through our daughters and our sons yeah, I got this feeling that I’ve had in me before I could speak And when I could I couldn’t tell people how it felt to me it’s like there’s something in my heart that lets me know that I’m free, but I don’t ever know when that will be that’s if I name it. Also, if it even happens at all Cuz I’m related to a place I’ve never been to or saw… until that day I’m watching, waiting on this road that I walk, it’s in the back of my mind all day long.

12. Waking Up

Written by Jacob Hemphill

I’m just now waking up to what life is facing us and to what we’ve all become. Some people call your name, but it’s not the same… I’m just now waking up we think we know good, we think we know the bad, we think we know just what this world is spinning for. We think we move up, while we’re stepping back increasing till this world, it just can’t take no more And I’ve got myself to blame, my acid rain is my tears. My church is blue and green, from space, I mean, it’s clear… We’re supposed to watch over this world, cuz we’re the ones with all the tools and all the scars.
But all we do is increase the load cuz we’re the ones with all the guns and all the cars. And we’ve got our shoes to fill, and we want until we drop cuz this race can’t be endured if we don’t know where to stop. We’re visiting here, we’re just passing here, can’t settle down. We’re like the wind here, yeah we blow in here and we blow out. But I’ve got myself to blame, and I want be here for too long. But I’ll leave my footprints here before we’re all gone.

13. Thunderstorms

Written by Jacob Hemphill

I don’t know one thing about you not knowing a thing about me cuz we drop down into all your thunderstorms and claim its not your lightning So now the fires gone in my eyes they grow cold for a while and I don’t feel your heat. These words have been said over and around it, but I don’t hear no talking, you’re talking I’ll be stopping, I’ll be starting, I’ll be wondering why we don’t know what we do… I’m a be the same, even we’re both to blame But silence and progress were my thing and your thing was calling my name. Now you can see your whole life without me I’m quietly in mine without you. The distances of continents and the phone calls off setting them, there’s some things that I guess I can’t do, too…
So my name remains Prisoner, trapped in my world that’s gone. And I’m the only one who still lives here, and I’ve got all the lights off. Now you can stop and visit me in my cell and we can talk if we’ve got the time then you can start to go on your way cuz I believe I’ve found mine…

14. Here I Am

Written by Jacob Hemphill with inspiration from Marley

She calls me when I’m in town, I pretend I’m not around but she sees on her screen I am, So here I am, here I am.
She don’t call me one and only, No, she just calls me when she gets lonely something I do gets her there, so feel better + get well… There’s no love without this pain there’s no one time without again And there’s no way that I am what she needs now I’m just as passing glance not a fur sure, but a chance and there’s no way that I am what she sees now… Backwards now and we’re back again sideways just to find our friends on this road is changing everything I know upside down inside my head, let’s just talk about something else. The sun gets brighter and takes me along… Oh these curtains never close – there’s only one way that this goes – we turn in circles and we lose our places new faces around, but no replacements I’ve found… Can we just find a way to go back home…if I’m walking by myself. I’m just wondering why… I never ever saw us clearly and clearly