Music Tonight: Reggae music emerged in 1960s Jamaica, evolving from earlier Jamaican forms likes Mento, Ska and Rocksteady, and it didn’t take long for artists from outside of its island birthplace to begin incorporating elements of the rhythmic style into their own material. American singer/songwriter Johnny Nash is credited with having the first Reggae-influenced hit in the U.S. with 1968’s “Hold Me Tight,” considered to be the first time most heard Reggae. From there, Reggae exploded and it eventually became almost commonplace on the charts, as Rock artists like Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton played around with the format and helped get U.S. ears primed for Reggae’s first big global sensation, Bob Marley. Marley’s 1973 major label debut Catch A Fire (which, oddly enough, incorporated Rock elements) took Reggae international and, ever since, artists worldwide have pushed forward the music’s evolution.

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