January 31st, 2012 LISTEN: ‘Strength To Survive’ w/ song intros by Jacob Hemphill

Here’s a cool experience ->>> listen to the entire ‘Strength To Survive’ album along with introductions by Jake about the inspiration and stories behind every song! Share this special Soundcloud player if you dig it.

January 26th, 2012 The Maui News [INTERVIEW]

Maui News InterviewWhen the popular Washington, D.C. based reggae band SOJA began working on its new CD, “Strength to Survive,” the musicians took inspiration from the master, Bob Marley and his epic album “Survival.”

“It’s my favorite album of all time,” says SOJA’s lead vocalist Jacob Hemphill. “Bob wrote it after he went to Africa. He was desperate when he wrote it to save his homeland. Even the ballads were like ‘Africa Unite’ and ‘we’re not slaves any more.’ So we kind of set out to make that album.”

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January 20th, 2012 Honolulu Pulse [INTERVIEW]

Honolulu Pulse InterviewSOJA Bandleader Jacob Hemphill is one of those pleasant, intense guys who’s always a little bit “on” - and talking to him is almost as much fun as being at a SOJA show.

The band is known for passionate renditions of roots reggae, most of it original, with lyrics from Hemphill. In conversation, even over the phone, Hemphill comes across just as upfront and driven as he is on stage—jumping into high-flying discussions of SOJA’s music, and delivering upbeat, resolutely political descriptions of the band’s message in an energetic flow.

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January 20th, 2012 The Dub Side [INTERVIEW]

TheDubeSide InterviewThe phone sat idle on the glass coffee table next to a laptop, a glass of water, an old iPhone with a cracked screen and the 100 Greatist Guitarists issue of Rolling Stone. It was mostly quiet except for the faint sound of SkillinJah’s new track “Reality” playing in the background. The song had drawn my attention away from the phone when suddenly the table shook and the clamor of the ringtone pierced the air, and nearly made me spill my water. I answered the phone; the person responded:

“This is Jacob, I think I may have missed an interview.”

Lucky for us, he didn’t miss it all.

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January 19th, 2012 SoundSpike [INTERVIEW]

SoundSpikeThe members of roots-reggae group SOJA are relieved to begin the next phase of their career, which begins with the opening of a tour on Saturday (1/21) to support their first album for ATO Records, “Strength to Survive,” set to hit stores Jan. 31.

“We’ve been touring withh the same material for about two years now and we finally get to do some new stuff,” singer/guitarist Jacob Hemphill told SoundSpike.

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