SOJA with Envy MagSOJA

(All Good)

SOJA: From a bands perspective, All Goods badass because they really know how to treat the artists. All the bands have a really good time. Then you get up on stage, and you can tell the audience knows youre having a good time, so they have a good time. Its a smart setup.
Yeah, the shows dont overlap.

Yeah, its great. You can see every single band on the bill. Youre sitting there watching the main stage, you turn 45 degrees to the right, and theres a side stage with music hitting you instantly. Yeah, its badass. Good for them. Its the only festival in the world we stay the whole weekend for. I think a lot of bands do.
Fear Nuttin is on the bill. Superjam ruckus?

[Laughs] Normally, if our band and their band are at the same place, one band will run up on stage with the other. It just seems to always happen. You never know, but its happened a hundred times before, so
Everyone always uses conscience reggae when they describe SOJA. Whats conscientious about it?