Gregory Issacs


Rest In Peace Gregory

Jacob Hemphill writes:

Gregory was a cool guy and a workaholic.  He sounded amazing when we crossed paths in Argentina.  He had a guy helping him on and off the stage, but once there, he rocked it for two hours.  That’s hard to do.  We will miss him, but his music will live on forever.  And from the look in his eyes last time I saw him, something tells me he knows that.  Nuff respect to the cool ruler, you will never be forgotten.  Rest in peace Gregory


Rafael Rodriguez writes:

I Never gonna forget that time in Brazil at the airport when he crushed that pao de queijo and drank those 2 coconuts waters super fast. He got brain freeze and started cracking up. So funny. He was a cool man.

You never saw him with a “pissed off face” and always had a funny thing to say. He leaves behind a big reggae legacy in this world and I respect that.

G.I. We will remember our experiences with you. RIP


Patrick Oshea writes:

It’s so sad that he is no longer with us, but his music will never die.  He has one of the most passionate and sincere voices in reggae.  We were fortunate to have a little tour with him last year in Brazil and Argentina and it was amazing to see his energy both on and off stage.  He left a serious impression on an entire genre of music, and he did that with originality and style.  Your spirit and legend live on, RIP G.I.


Bobby Lee writes:

As Brothers on this journey I can see that we met another brother. As hard as it was to realise that a man of that age and accomplishment was an equal I think we realised this in our experience. I will never forget any of these times we had. We are truly blessed to have met him and shared our mission with him.

Give Thanks

-Bobby Lee