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(All Good)

SOJA: From a bands perspective, All Goods badass because they really know how to treat the artists. All the bands have a really good time. Then you get up on stage, and you can tell the audience knows youre having a good time, so they have a good time. Its a smart setup.
Yeah, the shows dont overlap.

Yeah, its great. You can see every single band on the bill. Youre sitting there watching the main stage, you turn 45 degrees to the right, and theres a side stage with music hitting you instantly. Yeah, its badass. Good for them. Its the only festival in the world we stay the whole weekend for. I think a lot of bands do.
Fear Nuttin is on the bill. Superjam ruckus?

[Laughs] Normally, if our band and their band are at the same place, one band will run up on stage with the other. It just seems to always happen. You never know, but its happened a hundred times before, so
Everyone always uses conscience reggae when they describe SOJA. Whats conscientious about it?

I never put a period on my lyrics. I always try to leave it with a dot, dot, dot. Different things are for different people. I think thats why Bob Marley was so popular. He never told people what to do. Instead of telling people its about red, gold and green, the Lion of Judah, smoking weed and going to heaven; I try to be the opposite of that. Whether I believe that or not is relatively unimportant compared to who I might be able to reach through music. After the dot dot dot is what I believe, but Im not putting it in there. Thinking objectively is only something truly intelligent people do, and thats who Id like to reachand that only happens with open-ended conversations.
Born in Babylon is releasing over the summer.

Yeah, I think there are a lot of things special about it. My biggest theme of the album is that you can be born in Babylon, be yourself, be effective in the fight of good over evil, and not be a weaker version of you by smoking weed all day. You can just be you. Its simply for those born in Babylon.
So, when it comes down to it, is it really all good?

Things are all good in the sense that its always been all good. Theres never been a perfect world. Its all good because its how the world is. When I was a kid, I knew what was right and wrong, but as I get older, its tougher and tougher to know where the lines are drawn. It gets tougher to put these things into songs because my own mind doesnt know what to think anymore. Is the world okay? Is it all good? I think the worlds all good, but division scares me. Racism scares me, class scares me, poverty scares me, and Im sitting here with gas in the van, food in my stomach and a joint in my hand. Im all good, but is the world? Sometimes I dont know.