Strength To Survive review by Relix

Relix Magazine just wrote up a really nice review of the new record, Strength To Survive. Here’s what they had to say:

On their latest release, the reggae septet makes a stand for endurance in a turbulent world. Signed to Dave Matthews’ label, the outfit writes passionate and wellcrafted songs, too, with a charismaticfrontman in lead singer/guitarist, Jacob Hemphill. While rolling through the album, one feels not only a sense of urgency (“Mentality,” “Strength to Survive”), but also faith (“Don’t Worry”), belief (“Tell Me”), hope (“It’s Not Too Late”), idealism (“When We WereYounger”) and inevitable fate (“Let You Go”). One can easily see, after spinning through the tracks on this superb and timely release, why these reggae road warriors—with more than a touch of hard-earned soul—have attracted a dedicated following.

Thanks to everyone at Relix for the support!