At the famous Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado, The Pier was invited onto SOJA’s tour bus for an exclusive interview with front man Jacob Hemphill. Jacob gave some insight into SOJA’s new album, Music Video on MTV, Living in Africa, South American Fans, & talks about SOJA being in the same sentence as the Black Eyed Peas & Taylor Swift…

The Pier: In your latest single Everything Changes, you speak of life in terms of power and riches over poverty and heartache and taking it upon yourself to make change. What inspired the writing process for this latest single?

Jacob: It was Haiti last year when all of that was going on. I realized that we would hear about it for a little bit and then it was going to go off of air and people would start to forget about such a tragic event and start to focus on something stupid like Charlie Sheen’s drug bust or whatever. I believe in karma and if karma is for real, I realize that I will one day be born into a situation that those people are in or one day, in my lifetime, something may happen in the developed world and it will switch places with the underdeveloped world. It even said in the Bible that The meek shall inherit the earth and that’s something that you know in your heart. It’s a lot like when you’re watching a movie and you want the underdog to win and the underdogs cannot continue to lose over and over again. So Everything Changes is all about the ifs of our roles being reversed. As in, we are the poor people and they were the rich people.

The Pier: The music video for Everything Changes premiered on MTV’U’s The Freshmen and your fans voted to get it into rotation. How did that turn out?SOJA

Jacob: That was interesting because we realized that you can vote as many times as you want so we told our fans to vote as many times as possible and we came in second. What was funny was when my friend texted me and told me that we were on top 100. I texted back and told my friend that it was kind of rigged and to not feel like he had to vote a bunch of times. He replied back telling me that we were listed on MTV’s top 100 period. Because it was actually based off of total actual views it put us on number 49 of all of MTV. It was crazy to see Black Eyed Peas, SOJA, and Taylor Swift in the same category.

The Pier: You guys recently released your Everything Changes EP and the response has been great! Can we expect a full length follow up album to Born in Babylon in 2011?

Jacob: We have a whole album that is basically finished and sitting in my basement. We have a vision for this album but we want to check our options before we just decide to release it. We keep adding songs to it and it’s probably up to 16 songs now.

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